A Sixth Scent

Our sensory experience begins from the moment we pick up our candles, taking a pause, a long deep breathe in, to the very moment we see the flicker of light and bring our candles to life. We love how fragrance can make us feel, it can remind us of happy times spent with friends and family and transport us to faraway places.  

Have you ever wondered how scents link so closely to feelings and memories? We want you to enjoy choosing your favourite scents, lighting up our candle creating and then waiting to see where our aromas take you. In our Sixth Scent blog, we will take you into the fascinating world of your olfactory system

When a scent is recognised, an impulse signal is created by the olfactory neurones, which is located in the upper part of our nose. The impulse travels to the brain along the olfactory nerve firstly stops at the olfactory bulb which processes the signal and then shares information about the smell to other parts of the brain closely connected to it. These other parts are known as the limbic system.

The limbic system comprises a complex and beautiful system, within the brain that scientists regard as having a huge influence in controlling mood, memory, behaviour and emotion. The sense of smell is extremely closely linked with memory and feeling, probably more so than any of our other senses.

Our sight, hearing and touch senses do not through the limbic system which explains why smells ignite memories more vividly than sights and sounds do. During certain points in time, those of us with full olfactory function can make the strong connection where scents are able to evoke particular memories.

Our wonder olfactory system explains why we can all have a different response to the exact same smell. During the creative process of blending our scents, we choose the finest fragrances with positive associations. Each of our candle creations come with our personal memories and feelings associated with each scented candles. This is our message – from us to you.

Golden Hour England – Scents that transport x

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