A fragrance that tells a story. A fragrance which relives a memory. A fragrance to create a moment in time. For every journey, regardless of time or spaces, our candles are here to combining strength and character and making you feel warm and relaxed. For everyday and most importantly – everyone.

Scents are "really special" because "they can bring back memories that might otherwise never be recalled. The power is scent is the sense most closely linked to memory, as well as being highly emotive. This enables us to connect with fragrances to  convey a vast array of emotions and feelings; from desire to power, vitality to relaxation.

Each candle has Golden Hour England’s signature touch, our classic golden plaque, our hand painted golden wick, and a subtle golden shimmer of golden specks blended into our Soy candle wax.

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Each Golden Hour Candle is developed over a 21-day process, from the hand blending process to the hand pouring of each glass vessel, and the final touch of our signature hand painted gold wick.


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