For as long as time itself, light has been one of the most powerful symbols in every society and culture.  As a symbol of positivity, hope and inclusivity, it has inspired works of art, literature and us here at Golden Hour England.

In the pursuit to follow our life-long passion, Golden Hour England was established during lockdown to take the plunge and turn years of our candle creating hobby into our small family run business. We are located in London and Cheltenham where we personally carry out the production of our candles.

We are born lovers of luxury scents and homeware - we are on a mission to share our love and passion through our handmade products. We believe that our candles are a medium in supporting freedom of self-expression for all in a respectful accepting environment.

As a British Candle House, we have intertwined the English beauty that inspires us everyday to bring you our handcrafted cherished candles. We hope the warm flickering comforting flame our candles provides us all with a daily reminder of lightness.

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